Structural Analyst - New York City and Boston Area Office

Although structural analysis would be the primary role, one would also be expected to participate in other related activities, such as testing and making site visits from time to time (for example, to look over failed hardware you'd be working on). Report writing would also be a common task, since our final report is often a main-if not the-deliverable.

The candidate would reside full-time in either our NYC office or our Amesbury, Massachusetts office. The right candidate will be hired and expected to start soon.

The main line of business is failure analysis and fitness-for-service studies. Projects can involve supporting clients in transportation, energy production, aerospace, maritime, and much more. Here's what we're looking for:

• 10 years' experience
• Engineering degree in either Mechanical, Civil, or similar
• Graduate degree preferred
• P.E. license desirable
• In-depth knowledge of structural analysis, using both finite element analysis (FEA) and classical techniques. For FEA, must have significant experience with ANSYS software; knowledge of both Classic and Workbench preferred.
• A command of written English, as we produce many reports for clients
• Experience with/mastery of the usual Office products: Work, Excel, Powerpoint
• U.S. citizenship required

We do a great variety of analyses in our work: linear-elastic, plastic, buckling, contact, static dynamic, modal, transient, explicit.

Please submit resumes to