Structural Analysis

LPI personnel have performed analysis of wide ranging structures associated with buildings, infrastructure and power plant facilities subject to degraded conditions and or severe loading including seismic, wind, pressurization, and blast loading to demonstrate qualification and fitness-for-service. Analysis methods include both static representation and non-linear transient loadings.

Qualifications have been performed to meet AISC, ACI and NCC code qualification requirements. LPI technical experts have utilized codes such as ANSYS, STAAD, SAP, ABAQUS, and GT-Strudl to perform structural qualifications.

Blast Load Modeling

As nuclear power plants security plans are updated, movement of vehicle barrier systems (VBS) can occur for better plant ergonomics and operation. As a result minimum required standoff distances to design basis threats can be challenged. LPI's experience and ability to perform sophisticated computation fluid dynamics (CFD) approach to predicted blast pressures on critical infrastructure can result in reduced standoff distances being acceptable. Our engineers have performed evaluations from assessment of a specific guard post to all critical assets at a plant site. Our ability to utilize both sophisticated computer analysis combined with routine damage assessments methods can be performed to assess assets in a timely manner.

Heavy Load Handling and Load Drop Evaluations

LPI's technical specialists have experience in performing heavy load handling and load drop evaluations. Our experience encompasses assessment of building and crane structures for structural evaluations including the suspended load with simultaneous earthquake excitation. Additionally we have performed specific load lift evaluations, rigging design and assessments, load monitoring during the lift, and provided technical oversight during test lift requirements.

LPI's engineering team have performed numerous assessments to NUREG 0612 requirements, or provided review of a facilities' ability to meet those requirements. Our experience encompasses load drop evaluation onto structural and critical components. This work has enabled LPI to work closely with plant operators to select safe load paths, and optimize heavy component movement during refuel outages.

Vehicle Impact Dynamics

Ongoing security upgrades at nuclear power plants throughout the world utilize vehicle barrier systems (VBS) as a first line of defense. LPI's technical experts have performed numerous studies of vehicle dynamics and resulting impact into the VBS to develop appropriate sizing. Our work has included vehicle terrain evaluation and resulting impact velocity prediction modeling.

Concrete Aging Assessments

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Valve Seismic Weak Link Analysis

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