Corrosion, Creep, and Fatigue Analysis

LPI provides a diverse range of material and corrosion engineering capabilities to support our clients. Our focus is not only to identify mechanism and cause of damage or corrosion, but to provide effective mitigation and prevention recommendations. This expertise and capability is utilized not only by our clients following identification of a problem, but providing insight in the process of design, and materials selection.

Our expertise provides valuable insight throughout a component or system life cycle, including operations and maintenance.

LPI's technical experts have evaluated numerous components to assess fatigue damage from operating cycles of temperature or induced primary loading. Such evaluations are important when predicting the life cycle and the ability of the component to perform beyond its original design life.

Our qualification expertise includes vessels, piping, and valve components.

For more information, please contact Scott Lieberman, Ph.D., P.E., CWI by email at, or by phone at 212-689-5051.