Services for the Mining Industry

LPI provides consulting for the manufacturing of heavy equipment used in mining operations.

  • Heat treatment process improvement—optimization of cycles, deviations, reduced cycle options
  • Evaluation and monitoring of welding repair and structural procedures—ASME BPVC Section IX, AWS D1.1, API RP 577 & 582, ISO standards
  • Technical audits of foundries, forges and fabrication shops
  • Casting and forging process reviews; solidification process reviews—MAGMA, SOLIDCAST; etc.
  • Inspection Test & Plan (ITP) evaluations
  • Alloy selection
  • Failure analysis and fitness-for-service for castings, forgings and fabrications
  • Selected Recent Projects – Mining Equipment
  • China: Luoyang—in situ metallography of gears
  • México & Chile: Root cause analysis of fabricated gears
  • Denmark: Copenhagen—Training in failure analysis

Project Example: Ball Mill Gear

  • Objective: Determine root cause of cracking
  • Activities and Results
  • Performed MT, visual inspection, stereo “in-situ” microscopy, chemical analysis, SEM, HB profile
  • SEM determined that intergranular cracking nucleated during the solidification process
  • Mode of Failure: Low cycle / High strength Fatigue.
  • Crack propagated out of a casting discontinuity (gas porosity).
  • Recommended Solutions
  • Smooth out by grinding the affected zone and install remotely controlled strain gauges to evaluate crack propagation.
  • Metal stitching the crack

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