Dr. Lucius Pitkin received his education in chemistry from the City College of New York and Columbia University, and established the firm in 1885. The area of business at that time was largely a chemistry and metallurgical laboratory. In 1902, LPI, Inc. established a laboratory at 47 Fulton Street, New York City where the company remained until the early 1950's, when the company relocated to the southern end of Hudson Street. LPI's current location is 360 Park Avenue South, New York City.  

In the early 1950's, LPI added testing services in addition to our metallurgical laboratory, and expanded the firm to offer engineering consulting support to our clients. Over time, LPI built a reputation of providing investigative support associated with structural, utility, and infrastructure failures. Initially, our work was primarily in New York, then throughout the United States, and today internationally, as our reputation for problem solving has continued to grow.

In the early 1960's, LPI was involved in its first nuclear project, providing engineering and laboratory testing services to the Indian Point Unit 1 reactor that was being built just north of New York City. Today, our history of providing support to the nuclear industry continues, and is built upon the quality systems we have in place that enable us to provide outstanding engineering consulting and laboratory support services. 

Over our history the company ownership has changed, but one constant remains in that our Principals are committed to Doctor Pitkin's vision of providing quality services and outstanding problem solving.  In fact we are "Ensuring the integrity of today's critical infrastructure for tomorrow's world", just as we have for the past 125 years.