Fitness For Service Evaluations

In today's highly competitive marketplace, the need to safely and economically extend the life of existing structures and components has become increasingly important.

LPI's extensive experience in materials, fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis, stress analysis, corrosion, and non-destructive evaluation are strategically suited for performing the fitness-for-service assessments necessary for the continued use of structures and equipment. Such assessments are performed on a wide range of structures and equipment which have sustained damage due to cracking and/or corrosion, as well as structures requiring continued use based solely on capital requirements.

Fatigue and fracture mechanics analysis have become an essential tool for use by engineers in the evaluation of structures and equipment, particularly with regard to the repair of existing facilities. The development of structural integrity programs based on fracture mechanics concepts are complex tasks which involve an assessment of structural integrity, and fracture and crack growth characteristics in various, sometimes harsh environments. Consequently a sound understanding of fracture mechanics and fatigue is essential to the performance of fitness-for-service assessments. LPI's technical capabilities place it at the forefront of these analysis techniques.

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