Advanced Analysis

LPI personnel have performed specialized analyses of structures and equipment in a wide variety of industries. These analyses are generally non-standard and seek a clear understanding of the behavior of the equipment or structure. The loading can vary from static and dynamic loads, to seismic, severe wind, pressurization and blast loadings. The analysis methods can include linear, non-linear to include material plasticity or crack formation, time history, or large deformation. The method of analysis is tailored to the loading and the expected behavior of the structure or equipment.

These specialized analyses require a broad view of the expected behavior and may require the integration of results from thermal hydraulic analyses, stress analysis, structural analysis, fracture mechanics, field test results, and other operating data from the field. LPI engineers have the breadth and experience to find the best methods to solve challenging problems. For more information, please contact Paul Murtagh, Ph.D. by email at, or by phone at (646) 763-8279.